Why this, why now?

So, I’ve decided to blog on the subject of my weight loss. Why? To hold myself to account for my actions (or lack thereof) and to document discoveries I make on my path to a healthier me. If you are reading this, and are not me, then great – I hope you will support me on my journey if not join me yourself.

Next up, why is this site called the fat geek? Well, simply put, I’m fat and I’m a geek. I’ve used the fat word a number of times now. I’m not pussy footing around this issue, I’m fat! There, I said it again. In actual fact, I’m obese and because of this, I’m going to change. I’m also a geek, I work in IT and therefore spend all of my working day sat at a desk. I also love tech so have a number of gadgets that are supposed to be helping me on my journey to losing weight. At the moment though, they are just tech. No amount of hardware can solve the underlying problem of being overweight, which is simply that I eat too much and do too little exercise (fortunately I can’t add drink too much to that statement as I’m not really a ‘drinker’). I’m going to use this blog to document my discoveries of what the tech can do and how I will go about using it to help me on my journey.

Through this blog, I will no doubt post some things that you may not agree with. You’ll be glad to know that I’m not asking you to. The opinions expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone (unless credited of course). You may share these opinions, you may not. I’m not going to force anyone into accepting my opinion, but equally I’d ask that you respect it as I will respect yours. I’m open to constructive criticism but not blatant flaming. Keep that to yourself.

Anyway, that’s enough for today. I’ll blog some more tomorrow on my journey so far…

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