Weigh-in day and new shiny!

Saturday is weigh in day for me. I weigh in twice, at home using my Fitbit Aria scales and officially at my Slimming World group. Both told me that I had lost 3 lbs this morning which is great news as I only needed to lose 2.5 to get my first stone and my second Slimming World shiny on my book. I’m pleased with that, particularly as I have now lost 1 stone 1/2 lb (14.5lbs) in just six weeks and 7 of those in the last two. I was feeling really focused for the week ahead as I left my class this morning, but unfortunately that focus didn’t last long. The wife and I decided to drive to Bristol to our nearest Ikea. Arriving at around lunchtime and with two children to feed we made a beeline for the restaurant and Ikea meatballs. We both had a ‘regular’ portion of 15 meatballs, the wife had hers with chips, I chose the mash potato. After eating this I decided to log it in MyFitnessPal (god knows how many Syns it was, but I figured I could get away with it providing the calories were counted). It was well over 700 with the gravy and lingonberry jam!! As is always the way, I ate first, thought about it later and regretted it when I did. Oh well I thought, I can cope with that and off shopping we went.

The shopping was short lived. At 2pm baby needed her feed. Back to the restaurant we went and I queued up for a drink and (request from the Mrs) ‘something sweet’. A trio of desserts each to soak up the diet coke and my diet had officially come off the rails for the day. We finished the shopping and headed in to the centre of Bristol and there it went from bad to worse. One Krispy Kreme donut each to tide us over until dinner which was TGI Fridays half rack of ultimate ribs served with chips and coleslaw. We didn’t have any dessert though.

All in all, what started out as a great day didn’t end that way. It is Saturday though and, while I can’t make any legitimate excuses, I can’t be the only one who falls off-plan on their weigh in day. I’ve heard it called all sorts of things in group including ‘black hole day’ etc. The only saving grace is that I have a full six days to compensate and providing I have a good week, I shouldn’t have done too much damage (I hope). I’ve set a target weight loss of 1 lb this coming week. That’s inline with my mid term goal to lose 56 lbs by December 31st 2014. I guess I could say that I have some ‘in the bank’ being somewhat ahead of schedule, but I shouldn’t – things aren’t going to be this easy moving forward, especially as my weight starts to drop and I need to start reducing my calorie intake due to a lower body weight and consequently a lower BMR (basal metabolic rate).

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One comment on “Weigh-in day and new shiny!
  1. laura says:

    Chris, I admire your brutal honesty and must commend you on what is a well written blog. I wish you every success in your journey and i’ll see you Saturday! !!!

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